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About Digital Center indonesia

Digital Center Indonesia is a united community of technological experts in Indonesia that focuses on delivering solutions and implementing digital transformations. Formed by the vision of  being  a leading Digital Center in Indonesia and eventually becoming one of the World’s Recognized IT Solution Cities, Digital Center Indonesia was built by Indonesian youth who have a passion to follow the latest technological development. With our partners, we’re committed to empowering our nation through IT Education, IT Solution and Digital Lifestyle Development. Our activities consist of training courses for corporate employees, both at work and outside work, as well as students in various disciplines. The training courses are focused on developing the skills of participants to complete their jobs or to implement digital projects. Our activities also include project developments, including website & mobile application developments, and digital marketing campaigns for our clients, who are both companies and individuals. To discover more about our activities, please read our case study here.
Digital Center Will Be in 20 Different Regions Around Indonesia

Digital Center Will Be in 20 Different Regions Around Indonesia

In addition to expanding the digital community in Indonesia, and also to better serve our clients, we are going to create 20 more Digital Centers around Indonesia. Currently, 3 Digital Centers can be found in Jakarta, Bali, and Batam. 

We believe that by expanding our presence across Indonesia, we will be able to provide a better customer experience while also making it simpler than ever to reach those who need us from all corners of the nation, providing them with equal access to digital opportunities.

Why Digital Center indonesia?

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Social Reform (Innovation)

Carry out reforms in every region across Indonesia with a focus on technology and digital solutions.

Our vision is to create a society in which all communities can thrive, and make the potential of each region to be brought out. ​

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Technology Integration

Collaborate with communities in various regions of Indonesia in order to make each region’s technology integrated.

Furthermore, through the collaboration, we are able to accelerate technology innovation across all of Indonesia.

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Opportunity For Improvement

As a united community of tech experts, we have more business opportunities than ever before.

Together we can create success stories in both the business and technological sectors.

Nationality Attitude

Nationality Attitude

In all of the success stories we create, we are not only branding ourselves as a person or company, but also giving back and raising the name of Indonesia.

We always carry Indonesian Identity with us to increase awareness of Indonesia in the world.

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Empowering The Nation

Through digital technology innovation, we are not only solving problems for business or corporate purposes.

We are also focused on supporting the Indonesian generation nationwide by being the solutions to many issues which face our country such as unemployment, skill set gaps, and economics.

Vision & Mission


Developing a City Community into a World Recognized IT Solution City.


Build Digital Center, Digital Learning Center and Digital Experience to Customer, Employee and Shareholder.​

Technology Partner


With the Outsystem’s low-code technology, we focus on your success. As the Outsystem Parter, we work with you to develop the right application for your business in an effective and efficient way. We will fuel your invention!



We are the Tibco Partner in Indonesia, which will enable you to connect to your real-time data and make the right decisions for your business. Tibco’s Innovative Technology platform allows you to integrate any application or data source, providing effective problem-solving solutions.



For all of your digital needs, you can trust us as an Adobe Partner Indonesia. We will assist you in growing your business by providing comprehensive insight, content, engagement, and more. You will get experiences that are relevant, convenient, and personalized to your specific needs.