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BCA : Relationship Officer Candidate Recruitment

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About BCA

With more than 25,000 employees spread across 1,200 branches and with offerings focused on mortgage products-including fixed interest rates for those who need it most, BCA has been an important player in the Indonesian banking industry since 1957. With the first weekend service offered by BCA as part of their commitment to excellence when they introduced Weekend Banking Services in 2007, With the Motto “Senantiasa Di Sisi Anda” BCA is One of the Best Banks in Indonesia.


With the expansion of BCA services in Indonesia, it also contributes to the expansion of their network. Therefore, their need for quality talent is also increasing. BCA is looking for qualified Relationship Officer candidates to be placed in several regions in Indonesia, such as Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, and more. Candidates are expected to register to pass each initial stage of the selection. The Landing Page owned by BCA is used and optimized both in terms of its use for Online Recruitment purposes and in order to obtain a good score for SEO Friendly, as well as the use of Paid Ads which are expected to provide the expected results.


We created an existing landing page to make it more optimal, used as a place for the initial selection of candidate criteria, if candidates who register themselves meet the criteria, they will be directed to Kalibrr for the next selection process. 

BCA Relationship Officer Recruitment Form

In addition, Landing Pages are also used to collect candidate databases, to make it easier to contact via email blast if candidates who meet the criteria have not registered at Kalibrr.

Mail Blast BCA - KBNI

As part of our SEO strategy, we also target relevant and related keywords directly from a job search and make it easier than ever on Google by targeting the same types of terms to build high rankings organically.

When it comes to paid advertising, we take a different approach. We improve our analysis of criteria for suitable leads and get some subset of age ranges (and other relevant data points) and location, and also we target specific audiences based on their interests then install on Paid Advertising Platforms Like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin.

Social Media Ads BCA - KBNI


By Implementing and evaluating the strategies we have created, it allows us to get the following results:

The most important thing is that BCA makes time and cost efficiency by obtaining reliable and skilled professionals to support the company’s sustainability.