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About Ladara

Ladara is a marketplace company provides a variety of household and other products at affordable prices, with quality and provides convenience for its users. The establishment of a company of this size was inseparable from struggle, initial vision and mission and strong determination.

Ladara started from the Gebyar Karya Pertiwi exhibition in 2018. From that event, the general chairman of Dharma Pertiwi had the idea to build a marketplace that encourages the community and market for SMEs or small and medium-sized businesses owned by TNI families and the Indonesian people.

Ladara is the only marketplace that sells TNI attribute needs. This certainly helps TNI families to be able to meet their needs more easily and practically. This is also a concrete step in the Dekranas program, which is to reach a bigger and wider market so that the general public can feel the benefits. Ladara also helps foster a sense of pride in Indonesian-made products and revive the independent economy of the Indonesian people.


As a large marketplace company, Ladara is often accessed by many people, from various circles, ranging from young people, parents, ordinary people, SMEs, to TNI families to meet their needs. This requires that the Ladara website needs to be optimized properly so that the website runs smoothly and still provides comfort for its users. Not only that,  Ladara also must be able to compete with other marketplace platforms in order to keep getting bigger users.


To solve this problem, KBNI is here to help. KBNI has developed an attractive Ladara marketplace with practical and easy features. Not only that, we also help Ladara to create a more SEO friendly website so that the keywords used by the Ladara website can be on page one and easily found by the market. To increase sales, KBNI helps manage Google ads and paid ads, it also helps bring in more traffic and leads.

Ladara E-commerce Mobile Apps


From the strategies that have been implemented, the following are some of the achievements:

And other achievements on Mobile Apps and Ecommerce Web development, such as :

  • Supported by secure digital payment system 
  • Supported by several trusted logistic companies
  • Enriched with various features, such as filter products based on price, brand, etc.
  • Push Notification feature of special promotions and discounts

And other achievements, such as :

  • UR & DR before optimization 11 & 22 and after optimization 31 & 29
  • Traffic ahrefs before optimization a total of 7 and after optimization a total of 5.6K
  • With the implementation of the SMM strategy, more and more people are aware of the LADARA brand and have brought visitors to buy products at LADARA.

The most important thing for Ladara is that it makes time and cost efficiency by getting reliable and skilled professionals to support the company’s sustainability.